You can now own a prestigious domain to promote SFI, TripleClicks, Astro Auctions, Eager Zebra, and more--yours to use for as long as you remain an SFI affiliate in good standing! Here's how to get yours: Purchase this item and receive immediate access to the Custom Domain Manager at the SFI Affiliate Center. The Custom Domain Manager will allow you to set up and manage your own custom, prestige domain. Choose from the following domains: Next, choose a prefix for your selected domain. Examples: Lastly, choose the SFI gateway you want your custom domain to link to. That's it. You can now use your custom domain in all types of marketing including email, Web banners, print media ads, garments, automobile banners, billboards, car signs, and more! No longer will you need to use an arcane, hard-to-remember Web address with long and easy to mis-type numbers! (Click here for instructions on creating custom vinyl lettering using your domains.) BONUS: Need more than one custom domain? You may optionally create UP TO FIVE custom domains, all for your lifetime use, and all at no extra cost. NOTE: Affiliates who purchase this item multiple times will have access to multiple groups of custom domain names. For example, an affiliate who purchases two different Lifetime Custom Prestige Domain items will have up to TEN custom domains (5 domain names x 2) at their disposal. An affiliate who purchases three domain items will have up to FIFTEEN custom domains at their disposal, and so on.
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