Keep your cool in the summer heat or in a hot home or office with this Personal Mini Air Conditioner w/LED Color Panel! With a 350ml tank, 3 speed airflow, and 6-8 hours of humidifying time, the Mini Air Conditioner can lower the temperature up to 8 degrees in your own personal cooling zone without effecting others in the surrounding area. Plugs into standard USB port and features an auto shutoff for safety, quiet operation, low energy consumption, and a soothing 7 color LED panel. SPECIFICATIONS: Product power: 8W Air volume: 40CFM Water tank capacity: 375ml Wind fan: 9025, 12V, 0.4A, 3300rpm Adapter: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, output 5Vdc, 1A Product power interface: micro usb interface, 5V/1A
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